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First, pitch me your idea by sending me an email me to with the subject line “Guest Blog”, and propose a topic and rough outline (or use the form below).


You can also send me a ready article but no guarantee I will publish it. When you send in the full article , don’t forget your bio (2-3 lines max, one link). High priority for exclusive blogs.


Topics I’m looking for:

  • New StartUps
  • Technology never heard of
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Latest Investments


Global Tech Box is about helping you to get an opinion in the tech world. Anything that enables my readers to gain more knowledge in tech is welcome to contribute.


Conditions for the guest posts:


Main criteria: it has to be very, very good! We don’t publish rubbish.


100% original content only, preferably never published anywhere;
Minimum 450 words, max 1000 words.
Posts have to be well-researched and practical;
Every claim needs to be backed up with a link to a research or case study confirming it.
Include at least one (legal) photo to be used with the post, preferably 2-3;
No pen names, 100% authentic stuff only.

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