My name is Cédric, born in 1989 in Zurich, Switzerland. I received my Matura in Economics & Law, and recently completed my degree in finance. Currently, I am learning how to code – mainly PHP – and working as an analyst at a research company called AdKit.

Recently I’ve started this tech blog: www.GlobalTechBox.com

More about it later…

Let’s make it a little more interesting. What am I passionate about?

Technology & Innovation: This stuff fascinates me. Luckily, I was able to make this passion into my job and volunteer work, being an Innovation Analyst at Adkit and sitting on the technology forum of United Hatzalah. At Adkit I do market research for the latest ideas and changes in the insurance, banking and finance sector. At United Hatzalah we’re always looking for new life-saving technologies that can help EMT’s, paramedics and first responders during emergencies.
So do you have some new tech you want to show me? An innovation you’re involved in? Send me an email!

MOS_1027Finance: So many ideas, dreams and lives are decided based on financial factors. I read various Investment Banking books and created my own financial models (such as DCFs). The reason I want to have money on my bank account has the sole purpose of having the freedom to live the life I want and help people doing the same (this I paraphrased from the famous Warren Buffet). It’s my dream to have my own VC one day and/or advise companies in M&A transactions.

Family: There is nothing more important than building a family. Period.

Networking: I have a passion for meeting new, interesting people. Every person has his/her story and I want to hear it. During my bachelor’s degree I attended various conferences and networking events purely for ‘fun’ and printed the first two versions of my own business cards, which gave me great exposure and interesting contacts.

If you feel you want to get in touch with me, feel free to do so: cedric.bollag@gmail.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you.